Our People

Executive Board


Jacob Clarke

Vice President/Secretary:

Louise Irvine

Vice President/Secretary:

Louise Irvine


Juliet Dowling

Public Officer:

Claire Young

Committee Members

Claire Young

Claire Young

Joseph Davies

Laisarn Leong

Lina Tan

Lauren Reid

Are you interested in volunteering  in the DeafACT committee? We welcome applications from members who are passionate about building our vibrant community. 

Committee involvement areas: 

  • Advocacy
  • Sports
  • Recreation

Sub-committee involvement areas (others can be added according to demand): 

  • Grants & Fundraising
  • IT & Website
  • Sports

Applicant requirements: 

  • You must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing to join the board
  • You must be a member of DeafACT
  • * Hearing Parents/Guardian of Deaf/HoH children (from birth to 18yo) or Hearing Teachers, Auslan students can participate in subcommittees but must become members of DeafACT.

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